Friday, February 5, 2016

A Toddler's Favorite Tavern

Ever since I was born we have been going on family vacations to Lake Powell. At some point in these excursions it became tradition to stop at Ray's Tavern on the way home. It's located in Green River, Utah, so after a week spent on the lake, we would always finish the trip with a nice, thick burger. So, since I was in diapers, I have been eating in this tavern that became one of my favorite places.

It may be due to the fact that the memories I have there are linked to Lake Powell, regardless, if I'm ever near Green River I make it a priority to stop. I have yet to eat something there that I don't enjoy.

Ray's may be a hole in the wall.
It's debatable.

But it's still my favorite diner.

This past weekend I went on an overnight trip to Moab and, of course, had the privilege to finish off my excursion with a Ray's burger. I got their cheeseburger and my friend, Ivonne, ordered a bacon burger. One cool thing about their burgers is they give you all the condiments and toppings on the side, so in essence, you build your own burger. It also comes with a huge helping of fries.
I've  tried their burgers, chicken, chicken strips, steaks, and salads. All of which I recommend. You can't go wrong.

Each burger is made to order and fresh. Since it's a small local business, they use fresh potatoes for their fries and their toppings are prepared by hand.

The moment you sink your teeth into that juicy, tender burger, you savor the taste of fresh, hot food you've been deprived of since you started your camping trip. The cheese is delicious.  It is not that fake, plasticky stuff you get from typical fast food joints. I dump about half the bottle of fry sauce on my burger to clearly prove my loyalty to Utah and its fry sauce fanatics.


I always shed a tear of happiness when burger joints have fry sauce available and not just ketchup. All praise to the Fry Sauce Gods.

Ray's tavern is definitely a place to add to your itinerary. Don't drive by Green River without stopping to try it out. You will not be disappointed. Waltz in, sit at the bar, let your hair down, eat a burger and fries, make some jokes, have the time of your life, leave the tavern with your life a million times better and realize you have just had all your dreams come true.  You're welcome!

Also, If you want to see what Ivonne and I were up to in Moab, check out the video we made!